Welcome to The Cost of Everything Podcast

Hello, and welcome to the new blog which accompanies the brand new Podcast. My name is Amritpal, host and founder of The Cost of Everything, and I’m really looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

“Cecil Graham: What is a cynic?

Lord Darlington: A man who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.

Cecil Graham: And a sentimentalist, my dear Darlington, is a man who sees an absurd value in everything and doesn’t know the market price of any single thing.”

Oscar Wilde

This excerpt from Lady Windermere’s Fan (I confess I haven’t read the book) had me thinking. Does anyone, the pessimist, optimist or realist know the value, price or cost of anything?

Well, that’s what I want to find out. Hence, welcome to the Podcast!

Image of podcast set up, with a microphone and a desktop computer screen

I’m fascinated with the decisions that individuals, organisations and governments make. From buying a packet of crisps to building a skyscraper, from deciding to invest in solar panels to setting national healthcare policy.

Cost drives the decisions we make, and the decisions made on our behalf. And that’s what this podcast is all about! Finding out from the experts who either make the decisions, or provide the information for decision-makers, what, how and why they do it.

The first episode will be available from Monday 10th August at 0900 GMT. I will reveal more details about the first guest, and give a sneak peak into what we discussed over the next few days.

So, I hope you share this journey with me as I find out about The cost of everything.

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