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Professor Giorgio Locatelli Talks About Mini Nuclear Reactors

In the first episode of The Cost of Everything Podcast we have Professor Giorgio Locatelli Chair in Project Business strategy at the University of Leeds. His research focuses on project management in large and complex infrastructure, particularly in the energy sector.

I talk with Giorgio all about energy projects, and in particular so-called Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs). We discuss the cost considerations involved in deciding to invest in nuclear projects, and how SMRs might compliment renewable technology like wind and solar power.

The opportunity to introduce Circular Economy principles to the design and planning of all kinds of products we consume could also be a global game changer. Giorgio links new mini nuclear reactor design and build principles to the Circular Economy as an opportunity for improving sustainability in energy generation.

An image of the butterfly diagram, illustrating the principles of the circular economy
The Butterfly Diagram describes The Principles of the Circular Economy (Credit: Ellen Macarthur Foundation)

Episode 1 available from 0900 GMT on

Monday 10th 2020

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