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The Cost of Football Stadiums

Today I talk about the cost to build a football stadium, the decisions and cost drivers, and the social value associated with them, sometimes controversial, often refutable.

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The Suez Canal: How much does it cost?

Please subscribe to the Cost of Everything Podcast on Apple podcast or Spotify. You can also find me on Twitter @costofpodcast and on LinkedIn. This week I cover the Suez canal, looking at how much it costs, and a brief summary of its value for money. The Suez Canal is a 120 mile man-made waterway. It stretches from Port Said on […]


Get a Cost Estimating Qualification

How the ICEAA qualification can change your career

Space Tourism

The Cost of Space Tourism

Second star to the right, and straight on till morning.

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The Social Value of the Waterways

Urban waterways are effectively a local park, a local nature reserve. They provide a leisure asset that’s really close to home for millions and millions of people across the country.

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The True Cost of Hydrogen: Part One

We need to consider the true cost of producing the hydrogen that is touted to transform our energy usage to one which is more sustainable and low carbon.

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Value to Society

As estimators, do we consider the whole value chain in our analysis of the costs and benefits of a product or project?

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Cost Estimating, Sports and the Art of Storytelling

This week, I talked with Ricardo Valerdi, Professor in Systems and Industrial Engineering at the University of Arizona (link to the episode here). We talked about Ricardo’s research in cost estimating, how he applied estimating principles to sports analytics, and how storytelling with data is an important skill for the future estimator. Please subscribe on […]


The Cost of Nuclear Power

Please like, share, subscribe and follow along to keep up to date. This week, I bring back Professor Giorgio Locatelli, Professor of project and business strategy at University of Leeds (link to the episode here). We go in-depth about power plant economics, the cost drivers that mean Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) are a viable […]

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The Cost of Carbon

In this episode I discuss the cost of carbon with Dr Katherine Ibbotson (listen here), programme carbon and cost manager at the Environment Agency. Kat incorporates carbon cost estimating into the decision-making process, and has worked nationally with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and the Institute of Civil Engineers on the topic of carbon […]