The cost of everything from the pyramids to space travel.

I interview experts interested in different aspects of cost, economics and value.

The future of estimating, by estimators Part 1 The Cost of Everything

On October 4 COSMIC and Nesma will bring to the stage a number of leaders in IT to share their experience with IT Cost Management and IT Cost Estimation. (Get 15% off using code: costofeverything). Website: IT Cost Management Summit Philharmonie Haarlem, The Netherlands – NesmaWelcome back to the podcast! New season, new episode, and we start with discussions during the annual ACostE Conference in Birmingham (July 2022). I talk to different industry stakeholders, who cover what they think is the future for estimating, what estimators need to do for future proofing their careers, and how estimating can support Net Zero and Social Value.Find out more about the ACostE on their website: Welcome | AcostE Interact with the ACostE via LinkedIn: The Association of Cost Engineers ACostE: Overview | LinkedInFollow us on Twitter: TheCostofEverythingPodcast (@CostofPodcast) / TwitterFollow us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/66944970/
  1. The future of estimating, by estimators Part 1
  2. The Cost of Storm Damage
  3. Can you put a price on love?
  4. The Value of Peanut Butter
  5. The Cost of the Marble Arch Mound

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So far I have presented a range of different topics, it’s been a journey, and we’re just getting started!