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The Social Value of the Waterways

Urban waterways are effectively a local park, a local nature reserve. They provide a leisure asset that’s really close to home for millions and millions of people across the country.

Climate Change

Coral Reefs and Climate Change

The next episode of The Cost of Everything Podcast features Dr Rucha Karkarey, a coral reef ecologist and marine conservation biologist from India. We discuss the cost of human-induced climate change on Lakshadweep, an island chain that is similar to the Maldives. We also talk about the mass-bleaching of coral reefs and how she has […]


Welcome to The Cost of Everything Podcast

Hello, and welcome to the new blog which accompanies the brand new Podcast. My name is Amritpal, host and founder of The Cost of Everything, and I’m really looking forward to sharing this journey with you. “Cecil Graham: What is a cynic? Lord Darlington: A man who knows the price of everything, and the value […]